Doug's Steak Rub
"Sink your teeth into the juiciest, most flavorful steaks you've ever eaten!"
Doug's Steak Rub
Doug's Steak Rub originated in Louisiana in the '70s when Doug wanted to make a steak juicy and tasty without masking the taste of the meat. It took years of experimenting with different combinations of seasoning for Doug and a Cajun friend to create the Rub that pleased Doug's picky taste buds.

So here it is!
Fire up the grill
& check it out!






1) Sprinkle DOUG'S Steak Rub on both sides of meat and rub in. The thicker the meat the more Rub you apply.
2) Let seasoned meat sit for one hour at room temperature.
3) Prepare grill by setting on medium heat before putting the meat on.
4) Cook over a medium to hot fire, grilling each side for about eight minutes (depending on thickness of cut and grilling preferences).
5) Dig in and enjoy every bite!


DOUG'S Steak Rub
is made in Eastland Texas
from a mix of brown sugar, salt, pepper & Doug's special blend of seven spices.

Refrigerate after opening

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DOUG'S Steak Rub is packaged in
4 oz. sprinkle top bottles.
It can be ordered by the bottle or by the case. Single bottles sell for
$4.95 + Shipping/Handling.
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