Linda Wilson; Tulsa Artist and Art Instructor
Linda Wilson's approach to teaching art is more about learning how to integrate the creation of art into your everyday life as well as about perfecting a technique or style.
"Where artistry seeks excellence through its students!"
Her 4 to 6 week class sessions take students through a journey of self-exploration in artistic expression through a hands-on creative development process.
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Native Tulsan Linda Wilson approaches art like she approaches life: with an eye for excellence. A visitor has only to walk into her home studio & gallery, ALL THINGS ARTFUL, to understand how Linda's life work centers around her pursuit and love of art.
"When one nourishes creativity in one area of life, all the rest of life is blessed as well!"
Linda's artwork is diverse, with works created in oil, acrylic, charcoal and pen and ink in the styles of abstract expressionism, cubism, impressionism, and a line drawing style uniquely her own. "My work reflects both my imagination and my translation of the world around me in unique and often whimsical ways!"
Call Linda at 918-712-9797 or e-mail her at: